Hantarex ct34 idtv connect help needed

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by leeboy2k3, Oct 28, 2005.

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    Hi I just bought a hantarex ct 34 idtv for under £100 to use for mame and arcade jamma boards consoles etc, and to give my samsung sp50 dlp a breather.

    However I am unsure about which connections I should be using, at the mo I have just thrown a vga cable in the back to connect to my pc, but I notice that it also has a rgb in that looks like vga, is this the same as d-terminal like on japanese tv's?

    Also the set has a bnc in and 2 svhs's in.

    Now I currently have my xbox on the dlp via the hidef component pack same with gamecube, the ps2 I seldom use via component due to the lack of 480p games, and dreamcast via vga box on dlp.

    So what are my best possible pq connection solutions for pc and consoles? the hantarex will do up to 1024x768 interlaced at 43hz and 640x480 v-sync tho I dont really know whether you can watch 480p this way? and finally I read that yuv is better than rgb for colour reproduction, as it has a wider analogue spectrum?
    any help greatly appreciated..cheers.

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