Hannspree 37'' LCD HD TV - Wall Mounting & PC Media System



OK I purchased the Hannspree after reading some rave reviews on here about it.

I originally was just intending of having it as a space saver 2nd television for my open planned kitchen but since reading a little further on this site I have begun to think of exploring the fuller potential.

Right so first up mounting my LCD. I have looked at this product:


The kitchen used to be two rooms and is now basically one large kitchen/ playroom with a big central arch where the wall used to be. The above mount gives me the potential to have the LCD serve both parts of the room. It will be flush on the playroom side but can then be rotated 180 degrees to face on into the kitchen. So do you think the mount above would serve this need. I am a little concerned about the actual mounting surface. The wall appears to be wood, I think plywood, and I am not sure what if any struts are in place. So the question is if I cant do best practise and have ideal conditions then whats the best approach to take.

I have my PC in the playroom side and all the bits and bobs hooked up to an 19inch ADI 16ms response and have just used it for surfing and online gaming (BF2 etc.). I see that people keep talking about media centres so I am now wondering what exactly can I do with this PC. I am thinking that I may very well have to upgrade my PC at the end of the year so I was thinking of using my current one as one of these media stations. So what can I do with it ? the PC is located on the opposite side of the room is there anywhere I can get a very long dvi cable ? my graphics card is an old 9800pro is it up to the job ?

Now I will not pretend I know what I am talking about so if I am on the wrong path feel free to set me straight.

P.S. Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any help :thumbsup:

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