Hannibal Season 3 Blu-ray Review


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Thanks as always for the review Cas.

Such a shame they appear to have dropped the ball a little, But I am likely to buy all 3 seasons to watch again at some point. Some seriously stellar performances in this show.


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Season 1 and 2 were ace.

Season 1 is upthere i think with great debuts like The Leftovers and Daredevil.

Season 3 however i thought was terrible, fair enough all the cast knew that it was the last season and bryan fuller wasnt bothered as he had already picked up another show.

Previously all the slow motion arty shots were for a reason, to show a mood or feeling or to exaggerate something on screen.

But in Season 3 it was there just to be pretentious (as alot of people who i know who didnt stick withit say it is).

Its no surprise that over half the viewers who started Season 3 had stopped by the end, and poor viewing figures is why it was cancelled, although it was actually very cheap to make.

The ending is a massive letdown as well, others rave about it, but for me it was just run of hill for me.


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The first two seasons were a must watch and although they blured the lines of the books and fillms were nevertheless a a welcome change . More importantly they created a great story arc that unfortunately they could not change during the second series . It was the outcome of the second series that seriously hampered the third that should and could of been better if the right decisions were made during the final third of second series.


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I am half way through this - I agree its nowhere near as good as 1 and 2 - it seems slow, pointless and very arty/pretentious for no real reason - that said I'll continue watching as the main leads are still very watchable and its still not bad viewing.


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Yes we found seasons 1 and 2 were pretty good but the last season we really had to force ourselves to watch it and as said before what a let down. Such a disappointment in the 3rd. We would of gave up but after investing so much time in 1&2 we felt we had to. Glad it's been canned now

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I really loved this series because it added so much depth to characters I only seen or heard mentioned briefly in the movies. The casting was absolutely perfect and the icing on the cake was the stunning cinematography which made almost every scene a treat for the eyes. It was just so stylish but sometimes it was overdone and could slow the pace of the episode somewhat.

While season 3 might not have been as good as the first two, I still thoroughly enjoyed it and I was sad to see it end before we got chance to see televised versions of the older movies. Obviously, there's only so much you can fit into a 2 hours movie but so much more can be done with a 13 episodes series of 45 minutes each. I thought the Hannibal version of Red Dragon/Manhunt was very good even though it only spread over 6 episodes.

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