Hangs Head In Shame. The iPhone upgrade effect kicked in


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Well I promised I would keep the Zoe 4 years, 160k miles it made sense the figures added up

But woe is me the Kona 64kw was shiny shiny and the range so appealing, and then this morning and the order page went live, and somehow I had pressed order and was looking at a 24 week wait for an Acid Yellow 64kw

Then like the days of waiting for apple shipping notices, hoping to get it sooner waiting for the dates to come through.

And they did.

AVAILABLE IN 2 WEEKS.. Woohh!!! Thats a lot different to 24 weeks.

Time to see about finding a new home for the Zoe, will be a shame in a way was looking forward to piling the miles on it. But makes sense to sell now at under a year with just over 30k miles, as soon it will be at the point where it will be less appealing

So despite all the great plans to keep, I have as usual ended up changing at around the 10 to 12 months mark!

So am going to try and push them back to the 1st of Sept to register it on a 68 plate..



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Bigger, long range, good build, all electric and appears to be good value for money.

No wonder you went for it - hook, line and sinker :cool:


I really like the look of these.
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