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Hi all

I've looked around an cannot find a definitive answer.

I would like to hand a 32" LED/LCD tv from an internal wall. However this internal wall has no studs as it it is filled with a honeycomb type cardboard, I believe this is called Pararmount walling.

Can I hang a tv on this directly or would I need to cut out the facing plasterboard and somehow add some battens. This would not be easy as even if I add battens the only thing I can secure it to is the plasterboard so I'm not sure if this would help at all.

Any ideas?




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Our house has the same stuff (I think) the partition walls are about 60mm thick with a plasterboard face either side of a cardboard core.

I use hollow wall anchors like these:

Hollow Wall Anchors - Plasterboard Fixings | Screwfix.com

They're pretty damn good 4-off will hang a large radiator, and I hung a 40" Sony LCD with them. I think I used 8 in total just to be sure.

All you need to install them is a drill and a screwdriver. You don't actually need a setting tool.



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Thanks guys

My worry was that anchors would just be relying on the glue holding the plasterboar to the inner core but then again I guess most of the force is vertical, not horizontally trying to pull the wall down.

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