Hanging an lcd on wooden panelling?



The best position for my Thomson 27" lcd tv would be on the panelling just under the stairs. Because of the shape of my room and things like fireplace and windows this is the only place where it could be viewed by all. I am just wondering if anyone has hung one of these or similar. I am assuming a lot of the weight would be the stand but how solid a surface do you need? Also behind this panelling is an electric meter and fuseboard - will that cause interference? any advice gratefully appreciated

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I am also looking to hang my new plasma on a false chimney breast (35kg) frame will be made with 4"*2" timber with a ressesed shelf made of 18mm MDF supporeted by this frame with upright timbers directly underneath for extra support. I would say dependent on weight of your unit you should have at least a 12mm board or timber sheet to fix too.
(This is purley guess work for my project)

As for power related problems you should be at least 6" away from any parallel run and not follow any 240vac cable for any more than 6ft as you may induce unwanted interference.
(General advice i picked up somewhere)
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