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So after being fed with windows 7 misbehaving on with video playback, a raspberry pi 3b+ came up on lighting deals amazon, so I've got this and put OSMC on it. I've installed Hanewin nfs on my windows 7 machine but its buffering on any bluray remux on play back all other files types play ok. Now if I try and play the same files on my windows 10 laptop with Hanewin nfs installed the same file plays ok, fast forward etc all is good. Both the computers are hard wired, so its not a wireless thing happening. I don't think its a bandwidth problem either as I have serviio setup on the windows 7 machine and all remux files play perfectly on the pi via that route. I could use serviio but it wont populate all film titles correctly in the library in kodi which means having to go into video files to play movies which isn't wife friendly at all.lol.

If anyone has any ideas I've been going at this for hours there has to be something simple that I have missed but what is beyond me. Cheers.


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I've never been able to make hanewin on windows work with kodi though I do think it's possible, I've seen someone make it work on Kodi forums long ago.

An alternate path that might work is Emby
1) Install Emby server on the PC and add your movies into that, make sure it has the correct identification etc.
2) use the Emby Kodi sync add-on, this merges the Emby data with the Kodi database so the movie section is populated with content scanned by Emby.
3) To use the sync you will need to add the repository into OSMC then you can directly download the latest version.

Never tried that with OSMC but it should hopefully work given its intended for Kodi.

You can do something similar with Plex addon but it loads its own UI, it doesn't merge with Kodi UI.


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Thanks I'll have a look and see if I can make it work. I'll report back it may help someone else in the future.
Just a thought, I have a pi accessing one of my windows shares (dumping some sensor data for a website, but that's besides the point) and I use smb for it. Dunno if that's something you want to try

edit: I also don't know why this link looks like remote access, but it's to the samba instructions, trust me:

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