Hand me down TV and Bracket how do I adjust?


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My Hitachi plasma TV “came with the house” and is installed on a brick wall over the fireplace. I want to add a soundbar but can’t get to the back for the digital audio outlet. Can someone take a look and let me know if this type of bracket allows the tv to move so I can reach the back? It is also not centered which makes me crazy kinda looks like there is some room to slide it over.
Also, does the audio output have a door on it or something? It does not look like I expect and I can’t get the plug in.


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I can't see how it would extend. It looks like it'd tilt though, the black lever may well be the tension adjustment for that.

It almost looks like the TV would lift off the bracket vertically.


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If you look at you audio cable you will see it is shaped like a weird letter D push it flat bit at the top,it can only go in one way.Ps remember to take any dust covers off the audio cable.

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