Hammer Horror Originals


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Just bought this boxset. The Dracula disk is actually a US print, running under the title of "Horror Of Dracula". Not surprising as the whole thing is identical to the R1 collection.

The picture quality is not bad, although I am using a laptop. We'll see if things improve when I get home. May save all 3 films for Halloween.

It's amazing how times change. Hammer films were stylish, flamboyant, well crafted and for the times quite strong in content. For this collection, the BBFC has seen fit to rate the films as follows:

Curse Of Frankenstein 12
Dracula 15
The Mummy PG !!!!!!


Many, many years ago, a bloke at work had his house rented off him for a few days to film a Hammer film, they poured blood down his drainpipes and put a severed head in his fridge! his Mrs. was not amused!:D


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