Ham Radio, Mobility Scooter Charging and Electromagnetic Interference. Plug-In Mains Conditioner?


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Mar 5, 2022
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Norwich, UK

I'm a complete novice, so please forgive my incompetence. And apologies if I'm posting in the wrong place.

I am just about to move into a new property. There's a small, brick built shed attached to the property at the rear (I think it might have been a coal shed). My landlord installed a plug socket in there so I can use it to store and charge my mobility scooter.

Well, it turns out my new next door neighbours are ham radio enthusiasts. I plugged my scooter in for the first time yesterday and within an hour, they were knocking on my door. Apparently, I wiped out their entire bandwidth and they couldn't get any signals at all.

The neighbours were quite aggressive at first, talking about the fact they were licensed and implying that I was doing something illegal. My neighbour said, "You've got to understand that ham radio is my hobby". I responded, "I appreciate it's important to you, I really do. But I need my scooter to literally replace my legs, so I can't just not charge my scooter". She backpedalled when it became obvious that I want to work with them to resolve this problem. It's really upsetting because I want to be a good neighbour. I just don't want the price to be the loss of my mobility and independence.

After a lengthy discussion, it became apparent that my neighbours and the previous tenant in my property regularly used/continue to use the same type of charger as mine to charge their powerchairs without affecting their bandwidth. The only difference is that they were charging inside their respective properties, whereas mine is slightly outside. They now want me to only charge my scooter after 10pm at night. I don't want to be difficult and I want to accommodate them. But only charging from 10pm to 8am will damage the batteries on my scooter (they're supposed to be on charge when not in use, otherwise the batteries gradually lose the ability to hold a charge).

They feel the EMI is coming from the mains socket. I'm not sure I agree because it's the same circuit/supply as the previous tenant's, it's just not in the main building.

I just wanted to ask if anyone here knows if a Faraday Cage or a Tacima Plug-In Mains Conditioner at my end will resolve the problem. If not, does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? Any help gratefully received. Thank you.
Odd approach by the neighbour - assuming it is your kit causing the problem they should work with you to try and alleviate the issue not go off on one at you.

The Scooter charger power supply is likely the place to start looking for ‘noise’ as you may have a noisy PSU and or the Scooter manufacturer may be able to offer you an alternative design of charger. Swapping out the charger would be a good place to start.

I doubt plugging in overnight would cause any issues with your battery - it could save you a few £££ if you have an overnight tariff option from your electricity supplier.

Lots of guidance online for the Ham Radio community and you may find there is a local Club who could advise you on a fix if the neighbour is being an issue.



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