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What a Game colection. Remake of Halo2 is just fantastic well done. Going original vs remake on the controller the Music and sound effects also changes. Top class.


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I have been playing online team slayer this afternoon - it still took a while to find a game but seems much better.

On the weekend it was 15 mins + to find enough players.

Playing the old Halo maps online is great - very small maps and totally different style of game = carnage basically

It looks and sounds great


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My 16 y old son and I bonded over the years playing the Halo series. As each one came out we worked through the campaign together and not surprisingly he got quicker and much much better than me. To say we eagerly awaited the release of the collection is an understatement. We have just completed the remastered Halo1 and are now on Halo2, watched by his 9 year old brother. It is simply a joy. Much improved visuals in Halo2 but the key thing is that the campaigns, whatever their weaknesses, are great, at times, magnificent. We are reveling in the new sound and music too. Honestly, it is just a joy.


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Always been a fan of halo series and had them all on 360 so was really looking forward to this release.
Have cleared Halo CE and half way through Halo 2,which looks and plays awesome,and loving it.
This collection is a bargain for the price,4 top games and all multi-player maps,and was one of the reasons I got the machine.
I've also got a PS4 but that's just gathering dust because the Xbox1 game lineup just goes from strength to strength while the PS4 lineup is seriously lacking.
PS4 owners must be green with envy not to have a collection like Halo.

Now if only we could get a remastered version of Halo:Reach ;)


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Updated with score, Possibly the toughest review ive had to write :(


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Having more success now. Played a good hour of CE campaign and 3 relatively straight forward slayers. One thing iv noticed is how slow Halo 3 seems to play compared to Halo CE... Multiplayer and campaign... I feel like Halo 3 is in slow motion. Thus must be why that's the only game I can hold my own on in multiplayer :)

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