Halo REACH Map Packs worth £20?


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I'm tempted to get back into Reach after a years absence. The map packs overall cost about 2/3 what I paid for the game, are they worth it?

The anniversary map pack look awesome.


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Probably not, you'll rarely see them in matchmaking unfortunately. The Anniversary maps are good and they have 4 dedicated playlists, I'd try that pack itself first and see how you get on.


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The maps are good but like sordid_sentinel said they rarely show up in matchmaking. If I want to play them I will jump in to the Squad DLC playlist but I think that's just the first two map packs.

May as well just put that £20 towards Halo 4 :D


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Aye I was thinking that since it is not far off now. I will probably just play standard Reach and get the Anniv pack if I really want it (I am a sucker for classic maps lol).

Cheers guys!

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