Halo 2 too dark.


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Enjoying Halo 2, pretty much an extension of the original, but do you not find it a little too dark? Why do they insist on doing this? But, as if making the game too dark was not bad enough, they do not even give you the ability to change the levels within the software (gamma correction), meaning that you have to keep messing around with the brightness settings on your hardware.




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I totally agree, I can't play it in the daytime unless I have my curtains closed, and I can't be arsed fannying around with tv settings for 1 game.

It is good, but becomes very annoying!


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I had exactly the same problem when viewing it on my PJ too. Just put up with it at first kind of figuring it was meant to be that way untill I saw it running on a regular telly an and than realised quite how far off it was.


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I found the picture to be fine on my plasma (Viera), without altering the settings. I actually thought Halo was too dark, but then that was on my WEGA Crt.


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Definitely too dark. The lighting in most of the game was crap, IMO. It really spoiled the game. In the end I got tired of it and changed my TV settings just so that I could see what was happening!!

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