Hallway between next door-soundproof?


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I will be in my new house very soon now, hopefully. Between the lounge and next door there is the entrance hallway, so my listening room is not directly adjoined to next door.
With the lounge door closed should I have a good level of sound isolation, without further soundproofing.
I am guessing it should minimise noise to next door but I don't want to upset the new neighbours in the first couple of weeks.

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Go into the hall when you're up and running and see what it sounds like. Using some weather strip or similar around the door will help, and idealy you should make the door air-tight, including the keyhole. Where air can go, so can sound, so that would help a lot.

Using a solid door would help further, and if the sound seems like an issue, a single layer of plasterboard on the existing walls will help. You can take it further by making a stud wall (not touching the wall it goes 'against') with insulation and two layers of plasterboard for larger increase in sound insulation, but of course you will lose at least 3.5ins minimum.

Do you feel brave enough to ask the neighbours if they can hear the sounds or maybe pay them a visit and see if you can hear how loud it is? That'll give you an idea for sound levels and they might appreciate it (or not, depending what they're like) :)

If you can't seal the door, treating the walls won't make as much difference as if the door was completely blocking the sound.


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