Halloween Kills 4K Blu-ray Review & Comments


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This was such a disappointment.
I mean the first is fairly overrated but at least it kept things grounded.

After a bloated cameo in this, it’s obvious they’re lining up Laurie for her Alien 3 ending
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It was bizarre and not what I expected, but having said that I did really enjoy Michael going bananas… more so.

There’s some scenes relating to the hospital environment that I felt greatly diluted the pacing and to some degree taints the overall film. It could do with some fat being trimmed.


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Watched the blu ray last night, and agree with your whole review Mark..the kills were great, but what a waste of the original cast from the 2018 Halloween...the Atmos is also top notch as you say.


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Loved the original Halloween movie, and watched the Halloween update a couple of years ago with my thoughts being that was watchable, but was it really needed? This follow up was just a mess if I am being honest as the film seemingly just treads water as the middle movie not actually going anywhere plot wise, and delaying the inevitable showdown.

Some of the kills were interesting, as was the mob scene, but the hospital scenes were not very good at all.

Watch Malignant. A much more inventive horror movie.

1080 jawbreaker

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a was waiting for Curtis to kick arse the whole movie. what a pile of s##te


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Thanks for the review Mark. I enjoyed this at the cinema and have the steelbook on the way. Re. the kills, I must be getting sensitive in my old age but I found some of the gore really OTT. It’s a pretty savage Michael Myers they present here throughout. The 1978 flashback was brilliantly done I thought and I actually liked the fact that Jamie Lee Curtis was protected by the townspeople (or as much as they could) while she was vulnerable - she is after all in quite the injured state after the events in the first film. On that point, I didn’t find any of it as effective as the Laurie / Michael face off in the 2018 film but overall I thought it was solid.


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Watched this on a streaming site late last year, switched off after about half an hour. I thought it was dreadful. Michaels fight with the firemen at the start was beyond ridiculous! And it got worse.

Rarely has a single, iconic film been so badly served by sequels, remakes and reboots.
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Can't understand how this turned out to be awful compared to Halloween 18. It's so bad it's embarrassing to say I've watched it LOL

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