Halloween 3


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Jun 17, 2002
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Am I the only person on the planet that likes this movie.

I just got hold of a second hand R1 copy on the Goodtimes label. OK it's not anamorphic, but I found the picture acceptable.

I always found this offbeat entry to the series very creepy and more akin to sci-fi than horror. It really did remind me of Quatermass (not surprising considering carpenters regard for Nigel Kneale).

Oh and i nearly forgot:

"Eight more days to Halloween, Halloween, Halloween."
"Eight more days to Halloween, Silver Shamrock."

Repeat until insanity.
no i`ve got got the lot can`t wait to see the new one.
I like it, in fact I'd say it's my second favourite. I only like the original and number 3 though. I thought all the rest were disappointing, each in their own way, none of the sequels recaptured or equalled the spirit of the original so 3 stands out to me as being brave enough to be different.
Dan O'Herlihy always seems like such a nice old geezer aswell. Like he could be your grandad

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