Hallelujah: A working TV I can keep

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Londondecca, Jun 20, 2004.

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    Dec 21, 2003
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    Since November 03 I have tried more TV’s than I can remember, Philips, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sony have all had big problems.

    Yesterday I bought a Loewe Acconda exdem and I am (so far) impressed and happy. My hunch about going for the lowest level of processing and lack of fancy gadgets seems to have paid off with the Loewe. The picture is slightly softer in comparison to say a PD30 but I now don’t have a screen full of highlighted pixels or other distracting anomalies. For the first time in 7 months I am enjoying films and TV again.

    Is it the best TV in the world – I don’t know but TV’s that merely highlight the deficiencies in broadcasting are not enjoyable to watch.

    Problems so far:

    Slightly dirty screen when using the Video Essentials DVD
    Slight bend in top right hand corner

    Neither are noticeable during normal viewing of programmes.

    I have no idea how to switch from the AV extensions to analogue, I can see the pictures on the small preview screen but that is the only time I can see them.

    Other than these minor issues, I am very pleased with my purchase
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    You can turn off "allow switching voltage" in settings >> AV settings, this will let you select any input on your Aconda...


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