Halfords Breakdown cover, any good?


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Has anyone had experience of using Halfords Breakdown cover, it seems very cheap compared to the other leading providers (£59.99 for Recovery, Homecall and Roadside Assistance for example). Is it worth paying the extra to join the likes of the AA or RAC etc?


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Not sure if Halfords was in the recent test, but Auto-Express tested a lot of the breakdown people. AA and RAC came out on top, by quite a margin if I remember correctly.

There might be something on their website http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/

I'll look through some old mags and see if I can find the review. If I do, I'll post up the details, but I think you get what you pay for.... :cool:


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They claim on the website to have a 35 min response time (avg) and up to 6800 breakdown specialists nationwide. They also have what looks to me to be a very misleading price comparison.

Halfords Level 3 £59.99
AA Option 300 (personal membership) £120 (£60.01 more than Halfords)
RAC Solution 3 (joint) £128.50 (£68.50 more than Halfords)

Well for a start the Halfords level 3 for £59.99 isn't a joint membership, I believe it just covers one specific vehicle (although it does seem to cover any driver). The AA and RAC options cover the member in any vehicle and the RAC one covers 2 vehicles/drivers.

Thanks for the reply, think you're right when you say you get what you pay for although I guess any cover is better than nothing!


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went into halfrauds on sunuday and they had a sign on the door saying 3 months breakdown cover for £1 , dont know anymore than that though :rolleyes:

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