Half-Life 2 (Duplicate Steam Account)


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Hello all,

My friend gave me his original version of half life 2 and kindly told me I can keep it as his PC has broken down and wont be replacing for some time.

I installed the game which took for ever and then it requested I open a Steam Account, whilst doing this it was identified that the product key was a duplicate obviously because my friend had installed on his pc. I then found that I would be required to send the games case cover which has the product key on it to the States along with $10 and my friends Steam Account user id and password to transfer to my new Steam Account thus allowing me to play the game.

Problem, my mate cant recall his steam account details, and I've also been told by another friend at work that he knows someone who did this but never got any response (dirty yank thieves) :( .

Does anyone have any solutions to this problem? as I am sitting with an original game that is useless otherwise.


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Would be much quicker to go to PC World and buy a copy for £20.


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MartinH32 said:
Would be much quicker to go to PC World and buy a copy for £20.

Agreed, I'm sure I've even seen it for £15 somewhere...


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Digger, yhea that’s were I found out that I should send the case to the States with $10 and they will transfer ownership to my steam account, cheers anyway mate.

And yhea I could buy the game but if I am sitting with the original game in my possession I thought I would at least attempt to find a solution that doesn’t involve me spending money but I struggling so will probably end up buying for myself sometime – waste of a perfectly good game though (anyone wanna buy it for fiver :) ).


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Searcher73: You could always buy a new copy and then use the "disc" your friend gave you as the "play disc" and use the one you buy as a backup.

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