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Haier 30" and Linn Unidisk

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by marchino, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. marchino


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    I just received a Haier 30" LCD from ebuyer and have it hooked up to my Linn Unidisk SC via the component YPbPr connectors. I have enabled progressive scan in the setup menu of the Unidisk.

    Now the problem I seem to have is that not all of my DVDs will display a picture when progressive scan is enabled.

    To give an example, when I play the Terminator 3 DVD with progressive enabled the LCD will lock onto the signal, show the picture and will display the settings as "YPbPr 720x576/50Hz", but when I try Bourne Identity it will not lock on and just displays a message saying "YPbPr searching". Now if I change the output from the Unidisk to interlaced the LCD will search for the signal and lock on to it, show the picture and display the settings as "YCbCr". If I switch back to the Terminator 3 DVD, it will play in interlaced mode, but the picture will not be as good and also lipsync becomes a serious problem.

    Anyone have any idea why I cant get all my films to display using progressive scan?

    As another note, the setup menus of the Unidisk look much better, sharper, when I have progressive enabled.

    Hope someone can help as if this is a problem with the LCD then it is will have to go back.



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