HAF 932 or Antec 902


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Sorry if this has been over loads of times but I have never seen either in the flesh so it's a tuff one for me. It's for a i5 750 build with a corsair h50-1 cooler


I already have a 500w OCZ Modxstream Pro
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I bought the 902 over the 922 or 932 simply because of looks, I think they are both quite ugly, although (if you go the HAF route) you might want to get the 922 over the 932 due to the 932 having no (fan) filters, although you could do some custom filters for the 932 if you so wish.

All of these cases should allow you to fit the corsair h50-1


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ive just had the HAF932 for a i7 v10 build,
it doesnt have filters and it is a beast military style if im honest with you,

its rugged (is that how you spell it?) maybe ugly... a mickey rourke of cases..

but i got an iMac to look pretty :)

i will let you know how i get on later on this week


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932 gets my vote i would have one of them right now myself but deadlines and stock issues prevented it so i went for the Scout Storm

not to mention when u wanna clean the air filters for the 902 u gotta take out the drive bays!


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I just bought a 902 and I have to say it looks good especially when it's finished and turned on.

The 932 is huge compared to it and looks very industrial. If I was to go for one of the CM HAF's it would be the 922 just as jbloggs suggested as it comes with some very handy user-friendly tricks such as the click-install drive bays and good cable management features with the mobo template.

However, I can't fault the 902 yet - although it is a bit noisy when the fans are kicking off.


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902 gets my vote as it has a very similar cooling layout and ability as its older brother the 1200 which is one of the best cooling cases on the market.


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This may not help too much, But it looks like your after size, the corsair obsidian 800D if you like the look of it is an amazing case. The main reason I suggest this Is the size and the fact you plan on using a corsair h50 which will require less airflow.

The case isen't as good as the others for airflow but an amazing case for loquid cooling kits, it also includes dust filters at the bottom.

But if this case doesen't appeal I think the HAF case is the better one from a feature standpoint they both will gather alot of dust and if you don't mind that the haf has better cooling.


I would recommend the haf 932.

Not sure why people always mention dust, if you don't maintain your pc it'll get dusty regardless.

I've seen pre-built hp/dell pcs etc with only one vent at the back for the exhaust fans and they are dusty as anything inside.

I have no problems with dust on my haf 932.

And if you set up your fans to provide a positive pressure instead of negative you'll be fine.

Oh and hoover your room often too :)

The haf 932 is ugly, but all full tower cases are ugly in my opinion. The haf has really good airflow and has a lot of possibilites and is very customisable.

The only case I'd get over a haf 932 is a corsair 800d but that is nearly double the price, in the hafs price range it can't be beaten in my opinion.


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Sorry if this has been over loads of times but I have never seen either in the flesh so it's a tuff one for me. It's for a i5 750 build with a corsair h50-1 cooler


I already have a 500w OCZ Modxstream Pro

The hAF 932 has an access hole for the heat sink retention palte which is a massive advantage when installing the heat sink.
In terma of aesthetics the HAF 932 is no beauty but the fan configuration is far superior to the antec 902.
As the fans have a larger diameter the sound is not as intrusive being that it is created at a lower pitch.
The abscence of dust filters is not a good idea on behalf of the case designers but it is probably to keep the cost of the case down.
A pair of nylon tights stretched over the intake ports is as good as a dust filter although it can be time consuming and tedious to clean them.
There are only 2x230mm intake ports which I prefer to the multifan 120mm configurations on other cases.
Overall the HAF 932 is an outstanding case although the abscence of dust filters is a drawback but not to the extent that it shuld leave people looking elsewhere. Regulaar maintnance is essential with this case!
I personally would prefer blue lighting over red lighting there are new cases available now with blue LED's.
The HAF 932 is a very modern case with lots of design features that make it outstanding value for money.
I use it with an i7 920 and a Coolermaster V8 heat sink.
There can be installation problems with the V8 heat sink due to it being a very large unit, but this case that is not an issue.
I would recommend a fan controller as there is no fan control built in, the sentry 2 is probably the best on the market at present.
Overall a very good case with lots of configuration options. :thumbsup:


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I've got a bit of a noob question about this case. I'm planning on building my own PC in the near future and was interested in this case (HAF 932). I might have an issue with dust though, my PC would rest on the carpet: Is this ok for this case? Given the lack of filters and such? Someone mentioned DIY filters - are we talking a pair of stretched tights over the grating, or is there proper stuff you can buy for that type of thing? lol

Also, looking at various reviews, the thing has around a billion fans on it. I'm wondering: Can a motherboard (specifically p6x58d) power that many fans with enough cpu fan headers? (correct term?), or does it draw power directly from the PSU, in which case, can you name a good modular PSU that would supply the fans.

Please understand I know nothing lol. Appreciate any input! :thumbsup:


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you could prob find filters out there mate no probs or just use really thin foam or tights both work well, as with the fans yeah the mobo will be able to power the no probs thats y all the fan headers were there, i run 9 fans from an asus pk5-e no problem rest of the specs are in my sig down there

as for a psu mate go with a corsair HX850 best psu on the market without a doubt and reivew rate it being able to put out 1000w at max load so its got plenty of room for upgrades and would look ace in a 932


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Mine has wheels so it's elevated off the floor (carpet) :)

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