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Had dual output video for about 5 mins (nvidia decoder & 9600) - can we recreate !!??

Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows' started by Dunkwho, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. Dunkwho

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    Sep 3, 2001
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    I was playing around with card to PJ connections last night while keeping the tv-card running for setup and managed to have video rendering into a windows box on both displays at the same time for a few minutes. I didn't think that was possible, and haven't managed to get it to do it again. I spent a long time trying to get this to work a few months ago without any sucess - the best I could manage was a black window\full screen on the non-primary display and used powerstrip to flip which one was primary.

    If anyone has any clue as to how to recreate this fluke please shout. I stopped trying originally because I understood it wasn't possible ... but I've seen it with my own eyes, something must be possible. Sadly I'm not in a position to play with this setup very much, little time for experiments :(

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