Hacks (HBO Max, Jean Smart)


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Has anyone else managed to watch this yet?

Just finished and might well be my favourite TV show of the year so far. Essentially has a young but already washed up writer move to Vegas to write for a diva (but very popular) standup. If you loved Jean Smart in Mare of Easttown, she is AMAZING in this. Emmy for sure next year.

Still doesn't appear to have been picked up over here - which does make me wonder if WB/Discovery are going to find a way to accelerate the start of HBO Max here.



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I initially dismissed this after the trailer and thought not for me. but last week Kevin Smith was raving about this on his Fatman Beyond podcast so decided to give it ago last night and yes it is superb. Jean Smart is awesome in this and that really does hurt the other female lead as the actress who plays Ava just seems really out of her depth.

This is super enjoyable and easy to digest and it is cool to see so much of Vegas, there were times I paused just to look at the city and remember my trip there almost a decade ago. One thing I will say and again this is a Ava criticism, for a comedy writer she isn't very funny. I am doing a rewatch of 30 Rock at the moment and you would expect a comedy writer to have the energy of a Liz Lemon type character.

Should mention I am only 4 episodes in so all of this could get addressed.


Finished this a couple of weeks back. It's good overall and has nice nice character moments. Jean smart is on top form but for a comedy about a comedian and comedic writer, it kinda drops the ball at times There are scenes where Ava and Deborah are laughing along and it just isn't funny - like an in joke you're not party to or, are just not getting.
This turns into a buddy series and is often is endearing but others it falls a bit flat.
Hannah Einbender is a bit too acidic and self-involved to like for long periods and she feels out of her acting depth when faced with Smart, who breezes through. Marcus Clemons-Hopkins, as the long suffering ranked PA is money for most of this and so is Paul W. Downs as the show business manager. Christopher McDonald is also worth a mention, as the dodgy but with a desire for Deborah casino owner that is up there with the best of the onscreen cads.
It's ironic; when it tries to be outright funny it often fails but, when it swims in (that awful term) dramedy's darker waters it works best.

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