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I am back, trying to save money... I have not got the money at the moment to get a multiregion player... and i like my one so can anyone tell me is it possible to hack a Sony DVP NS300... I see a lot of stuff saying they cant be hacked... But there must be a way.. Any help would be great

thanks again....
Will normally have to be a chipping job i'm afraid,there is no handset hack.
I have heard of it (I think) being hackable with a service remote,but dont know for sure so wouldn't swear to it and dont know who has them to do it.
Find a mate with a palm pilot - there's a free download which will let you access the 'service remote' codes and do this yourself for free.

It worked with my Marantz player.
Just because it worked on your Marantz player is no indication whatsoever that a Sony player is similarly hackable.

Marantz and Philips players are all well known to be remote hackable whereas Sony (and others) are not.

Michael - you're a little curt aren't you ? You could try being more helpful.

I was responding to the following quote:
"I have heard of it (I think) being hackable with a service remote" by smallman28.

IF you can hack it with a service remote then you can do it with a palm.
OK, I'll let you know: No DVD players made by Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, Pioneer and Sharp generally have any ability to be remote hacked. They require a chip modification.

Your post implied you knew there was a Palm download that would let you access service remote codes for the Sony and that wasn't very helpful as the poor guy would have gone trawling the web on a wild goose chase. How about giving us a link?

Well, I've done some searching myself and as skcollob mentioned above you can 'borrow' a special remote that will multi-region the Sony NS300 - see here. If you want to spend the money then go ahead. IMO charging £40 for this service is a total rip :mad:

Someone on rec.video.dvd.tech claims to have 'scanned' the remote codes that do this and his post is here. Looks like no one who's tried this has got it to work. Good luck.

I got all this information from Google in about 5 minutes. Why anyone else couldn't have done the same I don't understand :(


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