'hacking' philips LX3000D?



Hi there, I read online of this 'hack' to set the region of the LX3000D DVD/Amp - anyone tried it?

start >

it's possible to select specific
regions, so *should* play R1 RCE discs. I haven't checked.

Have the tray empty , and the input selected as 'Disc'. Type in the
following on the normal supplied remote.

Play 159 111 001 08 Play

Not too quick, but steadilly (archaic, I know. It takes me about 7 seconds
to type it). The reason I say this is that the original post said to type
quickly, and I crapped myself when I couldn't change back to R2. I was
typing too fast.

For region 2, type

Play 159 221 001 08 Play

The 3 numbers after the first '159' specify the region, the video output (1
is for NTSC, 2 is for PAL, and 3 is for auto, which switches to whatever
type of disc is playing), and I've no clue what the third digit does. So,
for region 0, PAL, you would type

Play 159 021 001 08 Play

My TV does not accept NTSC signals, it comes out black and white, but I was
pleasantly surprised to see that playing R1 DVDs but with the video set to
PAL works fine!

After these changes, I advise a Menu 'Return to Defaults' just to reset the
system. After a change of region, a number counts in the left top corner.
Apparently the region can only be changed 25 times.
To reset the timer use the code

Play 159 Play

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