HAcked firmware for A03/4 to burn all dvd-r at x2

Gliese 581c

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Get the working 'hacked' firmware for your Pioneer A03/4 to burn ALL dvd-r at x2.

Get it here ... http://www.djsmiley.com/pioneer/

**Please note**

If youve updated your firmware already to v1.90 you wont be able to update (v1.90 = pioneer firmware that stopped the threat of the player catching fire)

So if youve updated to the v1.90 your out of luck.

And 'YES' is the answer to the question on the tip of your tougne's..'Does this really work?' ;)


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do you know if your A04 will write at x4 when the new dvd-r x4 comes out,becaue if you can't you're out of luck :D

remember that the fimware to stop the pioneer from burning out also makes way for the new DVD-R X4 & DVD-RW X2.


Gliese 581c

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I think I understand what your saying.....but..

I actually have an A03...its max burn speed is x2 using a x2 dvd-r. I can now burn at x2 with a x1 dvd-r. So no matter what rating the discs speed is at I can always burn at x2.

The A03/A04 wont be able to burn at x4 no matter what firmware you use. The new pioneer dvd burner is the A05 which will burn at x4.


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Originally posted by dvd
hi RaCaM,

please read


from what i can see the firmware update will make the A03/A04 write faster, or i'm i missing something :confused:


aRCaM is absolutely correct. Fraid you have missed something. Following is a quote from the FAQ linked at the top of the page URL you gave.

"Pioneer DVR-A03 / DVR-103 & DVR-A04 / DVR-104 DVD-R/RW Writer drives: Applying this firmware update will not change the functionality of the Writers. After applying this firmware update writing to "high-speed" certified media will be supported; please note that you will only be able to write at 1X with the "high-speed" media."

So, it's either x1 writing with no chance of any fires or x2 but take the risk. You pays your money and takes your choice :D


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hi aRCaM,

is your A103 still working after the firmware upgrade?


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