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    This hack works with the following players : Alfreey LD-2020, Alfreey LD-2060, Apex AD-600A, Digitron DVS360, Encore DV-450, Sampo DVD-520, Sampo DVD-560, Sampo DVD-620, Wharfedale M5

    These instructions are for certain Sampo players and their clones (e.g. some Alreey, Digitron and Wharfedale M5 players). There are differences between older and newer firmware versions.

    For players made after March 2001, go to the www.area450.com website for instructions on how to update the firmware to make your machine multi-region.

    For players made from early 2000 to March 2001, try:

    1. Press Setup
    2. Now press 5 numbers on the remote to activate the secret menu. The correct numbers depend on your player. Try 38883 or 37774 or 62836
    3. Use the secret menu to select the region you require or region free and press Enter on the remote to confirm

    To change the video output format between PAL and NTSC:

    1. Press Setup and 72555

    To disable Macrovision:

    1. Press Setup and 590419

    For older players (made 1999 and early 2000), if the above region hack doesn't work:

    1. Press Setup, select Preferences, press Still/Step, Prev and Next
    2. You will now enter the secret setup page where you can select the region you want and disable Macrovision.

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