Hack for Pioneer DV-696AV


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I've finally decided on a Pioneer DV-696AV, but finding a multiregion one in black at a decent price is proviung tough. However I do have a Philips Pronto, can anyone confirm if the IR codes you can download actually work with this player ?




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There were .ccf files for the likes of the DVR540HXS so I'd assume they will be some for the DV696. If not DVD Chips sell a one use remote on eBay for about £11.

Check out www.pioneerfaq.com


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Hi, to answer my own question....

I picked up my player today, out of the box it was rejecting R1 discs. Quick download of a ccf file from pioneerfaq.info and 2 mins later the player was multiregion :)


Can anyone post an alternative link to the CCF file for the Pioneer DVR440/540HX-S please? pioneerfaq.info has gobbled up their bandwidth.

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