HAA Audio and ISF Video Calibrations

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HAA Audio and ISF Video Calibration: Looks like a Sound Deal!

As a special offer to forum members I am going to offer a deal on joint audio and video calibrations all through March and April. These calibrations need to be booked, not necessarily done, during those months.

Full details of the ISF and HAA calibrations can be found on my website in the services section (HAA being updated Monday). Normally they are £250 each but, if ordered at same time, I will give a £100 discount making it only £400. The only caveat is that these will be done to my schedule (within reason….ie I'll give you dates I'll be in your area and we can get something suitable to us both rather than you say ok, come tomorrow!)

Please reply to this thread if you are interested.


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Just a note to say that everyone should look into calibrating their home cinemas.


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Just to give Gordon a plug (Not that he needs one. His skills are well documented on this forum with many a happy customer) He visited me earlier this year and performed an ISF Calibration on my system. The difference was nothing short of astonishing! For a relatively small amount against the cost of my system it's proved to be the best up-grade vaule for money wise I've had.
So take my advice stop thinking about it and book Gordon now. You wont regret it!

popeye :)


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What do the ISF and HAA calibrations actually involve? Are there noticeable differences over the basic Avia/DVE calibrations etc? Especially, what does the HAA calibration change other than level setting, delays etc?

Although I'm not in a position to take advantage of this currently (not until I buy a house), I'm curious. Would your service include a projector as well as a plasma for video calibration?



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Hi Gordon,

I am in the process of building a new house with a dedicated home cinema room. It wont be finshed until Feb next year, but I would be interested in a full calibration once I get moved in.

Builders have limited experience in this area, other than double plasterboarding and a bit of sound proofing, would you recommend anything else at this stage. The room is above the garage planned for 7m by 6m with combed ceilings. I'm also planning to buy one of the Carada high gain fixed screens, unless you can suggest a better option...

The house is only 3 minutes from you in in Tillitudlem if you fancy a look.




Silly question, but if got my Plasma calibrated is that it for life or does it need tweeked periodically?


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Had a visit from Gordon yesterday morning for an ISF session on my DLP and my many sources - DVD, SKy+ via SDI, HTPC via DVI, HTPC via SDI, and HD Xbox. Had fun sorting that lot out, but now all looks great - thanks Gordon :)


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Hi Godfather,

my scaler is a Crystalio, but tmost of the work went on in my DLP (to get the RGB levels right). We then went through each of my sources doing the basics (contrast/brightness/colour). This was done each on each source in conjunction with the scaler. The differences vary by source, as my own calibrations have been fairly basic (especially on my HD-Xbox :blush: which I hadn't done at all yet).

It was also a great time to pick Gordon's brain and ask all those questions that have been niggling you for ages :)

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