H55B7500 screen edge brightness


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I recently got the H55B7500 and everything is fine but the edges of the screen are noticeably brighter.
Is this normal, something in the settings or is it a fault?


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I had the 40" B7500 model and it exhibited the same lighter edges. I think it's due to the direct backlight leds reflecting off the sides of the frame at the edges making it slightly brighter. Although they will go through a filter to diffuse the light this model did seem to have quite a lot of unevenness from the backlight, including some Dirty Screen Effect on panning shots.


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Thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay in responding.
Presumably, it's just an issue with the model and not something worth following up with Hisense.
The dirty screen effect explains my previous LG.


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I recently got brand new model of Hisense Toshiba concern, it's Hisense made with Toshiba branding.

This model costs just $30 above Hisense U7B and I like a lot it's picture quality. Although I have the same edge brightness and DSE as yours.

Additionally, I noticed color gradient not being smooth in certain content and reported to Toshiba support, they are looking into this for me. See the green photo sample.

Also, could pay attention to certain artifacts while using ultra smooth motion feature, Toshiba support also investigating this as well.


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