Question H5100\H5500\H6400 Help please!


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I want to buy a 48" inch tv for my bedroom which will be used for gaming and movies.
I don't really care about the smart features, because I'm going to connect the pc to the tv anyway.
The H5100 and the H5500 are identical beside the smart features? the picture quality is the same?
The difference between the H5100/H5500 and the H6400 (in picture quality and overall performence) is really noticable?
The H6400 costs here 855$ while the H5500 is 678$ and the H5100 is 628$,
The H6400 is worth the price gap?
I would appreciate any help, Thanks!


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Here in the UK we had the H5000 not the H5100 but I imagine they are identical. I have owned the 48" H5000 and 48" H6400 and found motion blur a huge problem on the H5000. The H6400 on the other hand was much smoother. This is because the H5000 has a 50hz refresh rate and the H6400 100Hz. If you were just watching normal TV programmes and movies it wouldn't be the end of the world to have the H5000 but as you are gaming I think it would be VERY distracting when you toggle quickly to left and right or up and down. H6400 is at a great price and definitely worth the extra money. All of the extra's it comes with are just a bonus!

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