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Hi guys,

Just thought i'd share my experience with this projector with you.

Been a stalwart LCD person for a number of years, most recently owning a hitachi TX100. I had a few issues with the service centre (after the machine broke down a few times) and thought I'd take the opportunity to move over to a DLP.

As the H30a was quite a new model i thought i'd give this one a try (although i was aware of the panels lower resolution than the TX100).

I should've really demoed DLP's a bit more as i've now discovered that i'm one of those 'unfortunates' that suffer severely with the dreaded 'rainbow' effect. I knew this could happen on DLP's, but thought with the H30a's 6 segment, 4 speed wheel, this would be minimal. Basically, for me, whenever there is a scene with a combination of dark and light areas, i see bad rainbows. Doesn't matter what settings i choose, they're still there.

The other thing i wasn't ready for was the very noticable low resolution of the panel. I knew it would never be anywhere near the TX100, but didn't think it would be such a drop down. The thing that does it for me, is whenever you get any sort of text on screen - the introduction to Gladiator being one of the bad ones - you really start to see the pixel structure and the fact that the panel is downscaling the 576 lines of a pal disc to 480 lines.

This post has been negative so far, so i do have to point out the + points as well. The overall picture quality is very good compared to the TX100, everything seems a lot smoother and more filmlike (though the smoothness can become a problem in itself - it's very difficult to get what i would call a truly sharp image even with the sharpness turned fully up). The H30a is very quiet and has great connectivity.

One more thing to mention is, this projector has a very steep angle of projection, basically don't expect to have the unit at the same height as the bottom of your screen and have it hit somewhere in the centre-it won't. The pictures centre in that case is likely to be somewhere near the top of your screen. Just another thing to note!

At the end of the day, the rainbows have made it a no-goer for me (and the low resolution to a lesser degree).

Thankfully, the shop i bought the unit from have been very understanding and are letting me exchange it for a different LCD one.

I'm not saying make a purchase decision based on my comments, but just thought i'd share them with everyone.

I will definately being looking out for a Themescene 3 DLP panel projector if and when they come down to the magical £1500-£2000 mark (i can only dream).



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But another example of the rainbow anomaly affecting certain individuals.

Thankfully your dealer has been supportive but as always a demo is appropriate.

What LCD are you getting?

Cap :)


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Sorry to hear you couldn't get on with the DLP. They are very good but on first home setup/viewing they always seem a little hecktic. How long did you have the unit for?

i think maybe after 20 to 30 hows you may have changed your mind. After more time definitely!? Definitely Maybe??

im sure that once 3 chp DLPs drop below 2k/3k/4k then LCD will no longer be viable.
Maybe not so far away after all...

Good luck


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