H30a Projecting Torrent problems...


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Hi, have set up newish PJ to display laptop via S-video and all works well when surfing, e-mailing, desktop etc etc - However, when I play downloaded torrents I get the Real Player toolbar up but no picture plays on screen....

Is there a setting i need to implemement on my PJ in order to watch this (I think the torrent was Hi-Def as it was a US series I wanted to watch if that makes any difference)?



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read this...


and realise that .torrent files are not media files just a means of getting them, you'll need what is known as a client to open the file and download/upload the actual media file from other peers (users), it'll probably be archived in some way so you'll probably want to fin out what RAR files are too


I think Toonaroond has that covered. He's talking about downloaded Torrents, so he seems to know how to get them. But they are not projecting (if I get the drift!).

My question to Toonaroond is can you view the RealPlayer movie on your PC? If so, sounds like you have a resolution mismatch to your projector.


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Cheers Dan, sorry if I wasn't too clear but kadders is right, I know how to get them it's just how to project them that I am struggling with - thanks for responding anyway:smashin:

Kadders- yes I can view them fine on my PC - and I wondered if it might be a resolution problem or somethiing similar - but I think my PJ is capable of showing HD sources albeit downscaled - is there a setting I need to switch to or something?



Toonaroond said:
... I think my PJ is capable of showing HD sources albeit downscaled - is there a setting I need to switch to or something?
Well as a starting point, you could drop the PC resolution (right click on the desktop - 'Properties' - then 'Screen Resolution from the 'Settings' tab) to match the pj's native resolution. That should at least get the pic displayed. The downside is that the PC will not look as good. Doesn't take long to change though, and you can always go back.

What projector do you have? Maybe there's something you can do at that end to enable it to downscale correctly.


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Cheers - will have a go with that later on tonight - but as you say that will probably not be great PQ wise.

My PJ is an Optoma H30a - have looked through the menus but can't find anywhere to change res. and the instructions are useless!

Any ideas?


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Try a different player? VLC will play pretty much anything. Or Media Player Classic is also good.

I was trying to play some HD samples on my TX200 last night and they were playing fine, then one messed up slightly and then whenever I tried to play one I just sound, but with a black screen. Had to restart to get them working again. Some of these codecs are a little fussy I think.

Loads of torrents say HDTV, cause that's what they were recorded from. But the actual resoloution tends to be a LOT lower.


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display laptop via S-video

............... Why not connect the laptop with a VGA cable and set the resolution of the laptop to match the native resolution fo the projector, you'll get a far better image than going through Svideo.

Also, download Media Player Classic and the KLM Codec Pack, if you're already using BT you shouldn't have a problem finding them - then use MPC to play your downloaded TV programs, most of which ar Divx or Xvid files. one hour tv programs about 700mb in size are extremely watchable this way.



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Jammyb said:
.........Loads of torrents say HDTV, cause that's what they were recorded from. But the actual resoloution tends to be a LOT lower.

Typically 600x300. This is less than Pal Res of 720x576 but it just goes to show that Res isn't the be all and end all of PQ. The....eh 'Holiday video's' :D my cousins send from America are HDTV downscaled to the aforementioned res and divx encoded and are typically 350mb in size. Very pleasently suprised by the PQ on my AE900 PJ. While the Res doesn't sound much the fact that it is based on a HDTV 'Master' makes all the difference. A certain remake scifi show does not look as good even though the res, encoding and file size are exactly the same. Reason being that this show is not shown in HD in the states so the 'master' is SD.

Tony Hoyle

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I always found divx unwatchably bad... the true HD downloads are 15-20GB in size and are often better than what we get over here. Wouldn't waste my time on something compressed down to 350mb..


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Cheers for all the advice people:thumbsup:

I am moving house this weekend and will be setting up my PJ as soon as I can (the missus seems to think that moving the furniture and stuff in has the priority over the PJ for some reason - strange thjose wimmin folk!).

I will be sitting down when I get a quiet moment to have a go at all your recommendations - Cheers:smashin:

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Are you displaying the movie on both PC and projector at the same time? If so, you may find that the overlay (video playback) can only be played back on one device at a time, so you may have to switch the overlay to the s-video output and then the PC will just have a blank image within Realplayer.

You should get a better image via the PC output to the PJ as The Ritz has said though - a PC quite often will scale the image better, and it will be progressive, whereas the s-video output will be interlaced.


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