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Now that we were starting to buy GPUs able of hardware decompression for [email protected], here comes the new H266 codec, which will require new hardware in the coming years...

But since no smart TV currently can play such files, maybe it will make a case for HTPCs to return (temporarily) next to the TV set, like in the old days? PC media centers will certainly play H266 using software decompression, far before H266-capable chipsets become mainstream.
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What sunk H.265 was the licensing pool around it, there was no shortage of hardware decoders for H.265 even when it was clear H.265 was a failure products still kept coming because these designs were planned years in advance.

H.266 may or may not suffer the same fate in regards licensing but who will use it ?
Broadcast TV - maybe
Physical media - maybe
General internet - no
Closed streaming services (e.g iTunes/AppleTV) - depends on the licensing of H.266
Rips scene doing re-encodes - rarely used like H.265

The bulk of the important internet media companies are going forward with AV1 as codec and rolling out a new industry wide codec is a huge affair that takes many years of work.

A HTPC doesn't really offer anything, the latest high end TV's from LG and Samsung have AV1 hardware support before PC GPU's do (there are software AV1 decoders present in latest PC browsers). Content in H.266 will be rare for the foreseeable future.

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