Question H.View security (dome) camera - factory reset possible without network?


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H.View UK400E1 POE dome cams.

I bought a couple of these cameras a year or so ago and they are the old version with two cables protruding, one RJ45, the other 12V power. There is no reset button or hole on the camera or cables at all. The both stopped working a few months ago and I've now got time to investigate thoroughly. I've emailed H.View support after the Amazon Q&A on these cameras came up a blank. H.View support have now said that that the only way to reset this camera model is with the manufacturers software over the network. The trouble is they are not detected on the network, they don't get IP addresses from my DHCP server. This is a completely unacceptable solution for hardware to not be resettable by accessing the hardware. Security cameras are not made more secure by having zero hardware reset buttons as they can be placed in the wall fixing side, facilitating a complete dismantle of the device which takes time and does not gain anything apart from making it less appealing to steal.

I'm otherwise a fan of these cameras and don't want to give up just yet. Has anyone found a way to factory reset these? Any problems you had to solve on the way?


Chris Muriel

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Are you sure that there is not a pinhole somewhere neart the base of the camera, used for reset using a pin or extended paperclip, pressing for more than 3 seconds ?


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If the camera can take SD cards it will often have a reset button under the same flap. At the end of the day they are sub £30 cameras, I think your expectations of manufacture and support maybe too high. Sorry

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