h/k 7500/8500 replacement at AVland


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I think that AV land have the replacement for the 7500/8500 on their site here. I suspect that it is the 7500, as the amp (AVR1030) doesn't have an i-link connection and isn't THX certified.

What do you think?



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Looks like it will be a killer amp. If I had the moeny I would buy one :D


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Hi russ
It is thx ultra 2 certified.
Cheers Gonzo.:)


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What's this then! :confused:

Ahh, I was looking at the photo and couldn't see the THX badge. Perhaps the photo is the 7500 replacement and the description is the 1030?



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I tested the HK8500 last year, and thought it had the best stereo performance in its class. But a lack of time delay, for combatting lip-sync probs when using de-interlacers and plasmas, put me off. Does this replacement have a time delay (didn't see it in the spec link above)?

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Bluesfan: where do you get this info.............


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Coaxial reply to me.

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Saw the HK 630 in action at the Manchester Hifi show, it was jumping between DTS formats on their DTS demo disk no problem, much quicker than my Rotel. Still about 1/2 a second tho, if ur being fussy. I think the recent pioneers are quicker, but I still don't rate them as high as HK kit on the sound quality front..

Tip:Try rgbdirect for hk.

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