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Being new to home cinema systems and confused by the no. available, I was hoping for a little help. After reading several reviews I have narrowed my choice to 3 ( due to lack of funds). The system will be used in a square shaped scenario. I currently have an old toshiba t.v., sanyo vcr and nokia 221t freeview box in use.The prices shown below are the cheapest I can find on the net:

Pioneer ns-dv 99 £374.74
Pioneer ns-dv 990 £539.00
Sony dav sc 6 £439.48

Any help I can get will be greatly appreciated as I'm dithering on a decision..
I can't comment on the other 2, but the Sony Dav-Sc6 is a great system that sounds great.

The setup in very easy due to colour co-ordinated cables and I believe the DVD can be made region free buy either buying a chipped remote or using a laptop with Ir port to unlock it.

I'll dig out a few reviews I found on the unit when I get home.
I got the 99 instead of the 6 .It sounds as good if not better ,also you have much more control over the sound than the sony has ie bass/ treble also control over the dvd picture ie contrast/brightness/colour 1fixed setting and 2 you can set up to suit .Might be useful with an older TV. Having said that both the 99 and the 6 got best reviews in what hifi sound and vision
I don't think you can go wrong with any of the systems you've shortlisted but I would slightly favour the Pioneers due to dvd audio support. However I love that Sony styling.
I must add to that, i think Sony styling is phenomenal compared to other manufactures out there and thats always a swinging put for me (daft but true)
Thanks to all those that offered help with my home cinema dilema. It seems that I can't go wrong with which ever of the 3 systems I choose. Back to picking out of the hat then. Sorry about the delayed reply. A small thing called work got in the way!
Hello all,

I always scoffed at people letting a systems styling swing it for them. However after purchasing the sony dav-s550 and getting it all setup I can understand why the styling is important.

It's great when you show people around your house and they say what a stylish system you have setup. Of course it's more important that the system performs to high levels, but if you are umming and ahhing between two similar sounding systems then one that looks better will probably swing the vote.

The sony system sounds good and really goes well with my new toshiba tv. I must thank everyone on these forums for helping me choose my system,

James :)

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