H & B DX-3255 DVD player - can I put TV audio through it?

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    Hi -

    This is my first post and I am completely new to all this so please be patient!

    I have just got an LG RZ42PX11 plasma which came with a H & B DX-3255 DVD player plus surround system.

    All is well except I want to know if it is possible to have TV audio played through the surround system. There are no 'audio in' connections on the DVD player, and apart from the surround sound connections, there are others which I don't understand and am hoping someone can help me with. These are -

    Coaxial and Optical Digital audio output.
    Decoded 5.1ch Dolby Digital output
    2ch DTS and Dolby Digital (Downmix Stereo) output
    RGB SCART output, S-VHS, Composite,
    Component YUV and VGA (Sub D-15)

    The DVD player is connected to the TV via SCART. My only TV source is the Sky box (no aerial connection) which is linked to the TV and VCR via SCART.
    Both the Sky Box and VCR have audio out components.

    The TV has these connections -

    PAL, NTSC and SECAM input signal
    Infra red input
    3 x SCART
    S-Video/Audio In
    DVI and D-Sub 15 input socket for PC connectivity
    Component In for Progressive Scan capability

    One of the SCARTs is RGB. Again, I don't know what that is! Is the Component In a better connection for DVD than SCART?

    Hope someone can help! :)

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