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Aug 13, 2002
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Thinking about buying the gyrolock GK1, but its not clear from the photo if the thing is easily extendable and retractable for everyday use - due to the positioning of my screen, the projector will hang low from my ceiling. So when its not in use I need to push it back up as high as possible.

Not much use though if I need a screwdriver or allen key every time I need to do it:(

Can anyone who has one of these comment please?

Allen key would be needed im afraid.

Unless you know someone who could weld some wings on the bolts, then would just be a quick loosen push it up and tighten job to have it flush with the ceiling.

Pics of gyrolock in my album link below.
Thanks JSW, I looked at your photo and you're I clicked on "Click here if this photo offends you";)

Dammit, I seriously think I'm into the realms of keystone:mad:
you could try sticking it on a table and putting it away when you're finished with it. I'm considering doing just that, at least for the first few weeks of ownership.

I've always been one for convenience, but I've been packing my Gamecube away each night because my little boy likes to see what he can fit inside the memory card slots, and it only takes a minute. Plus I'm not competent to replace the pendant light that is right in the way :(

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