Gyration keyboard stopped working


Has anybody else had a similar problem?
It's transmiting fine but all of the function keys, backspace, I, O and a few others have just stopped working :confused:

The keyboard was fine in the morning and was left on the sofa. When I got back home some of the keys wouldn't work. It wasn't dropped in between this time, it was just sat there on the sofa.

I've emailed Gyration to see about a warranty replacement.


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Silly questions but :

1) Try replacing the batteries with brand new ones


2) Go through the setup procedure again, to ensure the keyboard is registered with the receiver.

This cures most problems, I know !


As I've replied here. Try removing/reseating/replacing the batteries. Has helped with my Gyration.

Beyond that, contact Gyration for an RMA number.

Best of luck.



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They do come with a two year warranty, just had mine replaced after three buttons stopped working.


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I'm just about to try and get a replacement for my replacement gyration keyboard.

IMO its a shame that the high quality gyration mouse isn't matched by a similar standard keyboard.


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I had the same thing happen where certain keys just stopped working for no reason. Returned kb to gyration and just phoned them today (10/05/04) and was told that the kb was dead and that they had posted a replacement on 07/05/04 but couldn't tell me the tracking number or who they had used to post it as there is nobody in the returns dept. today - does anyone know which carrier they use?

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