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I have just had my garage converted into a gym/office and I'm now at the fun stage of deciding on how my setup will look. I am after a bit of advice on what folks think would give the best results.

In either scenario I have around £350-400 to spend. This will be for background music when I'm working and cranked up when I'm in the gym but won't be used for any critical listening.

I gave my dad my MA MR6 a while back which probably would have been ideal but he uses them a lot so I would feel guilty taking them back. He does have a set of Sony 176EB brooklands limited edition floor standers which I could take. I also have a Cambridge audio SX120 spare which I could hook up. I would then spend the full amount of money on an amp. The only downside I can think of in this scenario is floor space being taken up.

The other option would be to buy some active bookshelf speakers (which I know nothing about so could do with some guidance) and hook the sub up to the speakers. The downside with this scenario, as I don't have any experience with active speakers I am unsure if my budget would buy anything decent.

I am happy to look at the used market in either scenario but new would be better. Would be good to hear your thoughts.


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What will you be using as a source, phone, tablet, cd, tuner, streamer etc?

I would go for active monitors, the M-audio BX8 can be had for less than £300 per pair and would probably not need a subwoofee with their 8” drivers.

Or used at £200 (note these are advertised cheaper on Facebookmarketplace)

This would leave a little for a volume control like the Little Bear passive preamp. Or better a Mackie big knob (several on FBMarketplace) or SMprob M-Patch for around £50 second hand. Just plug in a source and off you go.
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As Ugg suggests above. You won’t get better, or bigger, sound for your cash.

I’d add these to the list of actives.

(Priced as a single speaker)

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Thanks for the responses. I was hoping you might give me some options like these which I never would have found on my own.

Source will either be my phone via BT/Aux or an Alexa via auxiliary. I might add a streamer at a later date but tbh I just want it to be hassle free so I can come in press play and away I go.

This is probably going to be a stupid question but what benefit does the mackie big knob bring to the table over just using the built in volume knob or controlling it from my phone?


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The volume on your phone/Alexa can have an effect on the music quality depending on the way it is implemented. Keeping the app and phone/Alexa volume at max and using the big knob will get the best quality possible. However, you could try the second hand M-Audio BX8 plus the Elexa using a 3.5mm steero to 1/4” TRS mono pair cables, setting the volume of the phone/Alexa to say 75% and then balancing to a listenable volume on the controls on the speakers, this would ensure as good a music quality as you can.

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