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Gym Music :D


Distinguished Member
Probably already a topic on this somewhere, but still I mainly listen to hardstyle and trance (the older generation will be flipping tables when they listen xD)

What do you guys listen to???



Distinguished Member
Anything with a good beat or that makes me angry :)

Techno, House, Hardcore
Clash, Pistols, Jam, SLF, Oasis, Prodigy, Britpop/Indie stuff
Northern Soul - showing my roots :)

I hate the middle aged, middle of the road crap most of my friends listen to. Heart FM *** !

sammy the squid

Distinguished Member
I remember at my old gym it used to be a Scooter album on repeat- 6 days a week!

Its all dance tunes at the current gym, my brother got me a set of sony earphones which have an old mp3 player built..ive all kinds of stuff on it (rock,tracks from movies) as long as its got a good beat though it does the job:smashin:


Well-known Member
I have different playlists setup depending on my mood, but i usually listen to


They all get me in the mood...

NooBish AbbZ 92

Distinguished Member
Just wanted to leave one Suggestion; 115 By Elena Siegman. Youtube it :)
It's oh so good for running especially the intro :)


Active Member
Funky house. Another hobbie of mine is mixing tracks at home. I create my own playlists for running too. If any of you guys want a back to back playlist I may be able to rustle something up!

Heres a mix I use for running:


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I used to train to the Rocky Soundtrack, with all the slow stuff removed. Now I don't really care as long as it has a beat and is loud enough to drown out the plebs who go to the gym to gossip


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Strangely, I've found that I prefer not to listen to music in the gym recently as my in-ear buds make me a lot hotter when working out. My current playlist includes A, Atreyu, AC/DC, Avicii, Airbourne and of all artists... Katy Perry!


NooBish AbbZ 92 said:
Just wanted to leave one Suggestion; 115 By Elena Siegman. Youtube it :)
It's oh so good for running especially the intro :)

That is absolutely dreadful. Must be my age.




Distinguished Member
a mixture of house, dance, rock on random for me... Current fave on the playlist that seems to kick me up the arse is Chemical Brothers - Galvanise....:cool:

If its Cardio on the rower - Edwin Starr - 25 miles... :cool:

silent ninja

I dislike music at the gym. I dislike it in the car -- I like listening to my engine or turning down the window and listening to the world. I suppose that sounds boring but gym music does nothing for me except be a minor annoyance.

I'm sure I'm in the minority.
Funny though, I was just watching some of Arnie's videos at Gold's Gun I think, and there is no music on. Just huge guys quietly working away.
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I pretty much need it. I work harder and at a much higher tempo if I have some thumping trance in my ears. Horses for courses.

Miss Mandy

I listen to anything that's got a good fast beat. I work much better when I've got some good tempo tunes to listen to.

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