Guys please just take a look and assess my comp :)


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Hi guys so I will be getting a pc with the following spec for 869 euro which is 1053 dollar. How do you think for the price and how will it do for gaming. Thx.

Intel-I5 3450 4x3.1ghz

AMD Radeon 7850 2048 MB

8 GB Ram DDR3-2133

Mainbaord MSI B75 PCI-Express 3.0

2.000 GB 7200 u/min 64 MB Cache

Scythe Katana 4 cpu cooler

X-strike white edition pc case

PSU 420 watt
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It's a good spec. 2133MHz is faster and more expensive than you need so I'd advise dropping that down to 1600MHz stuff.

What PSU is in there too?

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PSU is 420 watt....well to be honest I just spend a few more euro and I can upgrade it 2133 and I dont mind but maybe you can explain a bit how this may increase the system performance?


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2133 is insanely expensive when there are better upgrades you could make for that cash, 1600 ram, an overclockable i5, or something better than the 7850, its not bad but i'd get a better gpu before getting 2133 ram, that ram is almost the last upgrade i'd make to a system as its price v performance is least of everything.

Oh and that psu is likely dire, get a 600w+ corsair or similar
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Distinguished Member 420 watt not enough? :s will it effect the performance?

its cutting it exceptionally fine, the 7850 is a low power user but not that low, get a 550w minimum. Ideally a good brand, imagine the psu is the link between powerful mains to your sensitive components, you dont want a dodgy bridge.

And its not that it'll affect performance but it just might not be enough power to power the pc, and that can do serious damage.


Distinguished Member 420 watt not enough? :s will it effect the performance?

Depends on the quality, there are some '420W' PSUs around that'll deliver 50-100W less than the better brands. A good 420W PSU is enough for that system and going higher won't affect performance. The 7850 is a 110-120W card and that i5 can't be overclocked so you don't need a massive 550-600W PSU unless your system is packed with other bits.

Going low is generally a good sign though, a lower rating generally means the power supply is giving a more realistic estimate which is usually associated with a better quality power supply. I'd be far more worried if it said 600W and didn't specify the brand.

Price is hard to asses without knowing your local economy. In UK terms it's probably somewhat overpriced but if computer parts are more expensive where you are it might be reasonable or even a good deal. Likewise for the memory, 2133 is expensive here but it may be more reasonable where you are (although unless it's the same price I'd follow the advice above and scrap it as there's no performance difference).

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