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guys please help recording vhs to hdd then dvd aagghhh

right i am transfering my vhs tapes to my pc via composite via tv card

i have only found 1 program that have a very good picture after recording but the problem is it is using over 100gb yes 100gb for only 1-2 mins of video

anyone any idea whats wrong

please please help

many thanks

Roy Mallard

Sounds like a hard drive kernal panic, I need more info on hardware & software.
the tv capture card is lifeview prime 30 and soft is mainconcept pvr

but its only doin it with this software but i have tried loads and this gives the best pic


Active Member
No chance.

It would probably take around 15 minutes using IDE or SATA HDD which are 7200rpm on a PC with a decent system board.

RAID drives would be quicker if they were configured for speed rather than data integrity but you still couldn't shift 100GB in two minutes on a home PC.

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