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Gutted !!

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Zimfun, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. Zimfun


    Products Owned:
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    I have recently been given an oldish plasma screen ( JVC 4210 PCE ) and am really struggling to get it to connect properly to my sky box .
    Methods I have tried :
    CSY 2100 scart to YUV converter - bad picture wavy green and red lines , unwatchable
    JS Technology RGB to Plasma VGA converter - picture shake and flicker especially at the edges of the screen , unwatchable.
    Scart to S-video converter - unwatchable
    Component to S-video converter , bad picture
    Straight Component rca connection has given the best picture so far and it is certainly watchable but not really of the quality I was expecting .
    I am connecting my DVD player to the plasma using a S-video connection and the picture seems to be fine .

    After spending hundreds of pounds on so called top of the range converting solutions does anyone have any ideas as to why a simple component cable is giving me the best picture ?. Any help , advice and/or sympathy greatly appreciated !! .

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