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Dec 24, 2005
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Hi all, I nearly purchased time crisis and a gun, but someone told me that if you use these type of guns with plasmas and lcd screens it will damage them, firstly will it work on these screens, and if so will it damage them, wanting as much feedback as possible, thanks, stu
They won't damage the screen as that's not how many of them work. They use the refresh rate and pick up on timing and other clever stuff that's really easy to explain, I believe wikipedia explains how they work quite well.

And due to how they work they don't work on LCD or Plasma or some screens that refresh at can get guns for these screens and they come with sensor strips like the Nintendo Wii uses.

I've got Time Crisis 2 and 2 guns and was also dissappointed to find out that they don't work on my big new 32" LCD screen!
How do these guns work and will it work with my projector?

Many thanks
i dont think so. You're best off waiting for a gun that works with HD and projection etc.. There are 3rd party options but people expect Namco to announce something (or even Sony) for PS3 at some point that supports all of this. Should be interesting to see what happens.

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