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I have a friend who is very good at playing the guitar, and now he would like to make a tutorial video. What he proposes is have 3 camcorders/video cameras (some recommendations for what video camera/camcorder to use would also be helpful), taking different shots from different angles, ie one front on (the main one), another on the fret board (left hand), and the third on the strumming action (right hand).

Then he would download the recorded video from each camcorder onto a computer for editing etc into the final product.

Would Adobe Premiere Pro 2 enable him to do the following:

1) Work with all 3 different shots in one window (I believe it does).

2) Allow him to have in the final version, the main front on shot as the main video, then to insert another small video window with a close up of his left hand working on the fret board, ie 2 different angles (front on and left hand) running together at the same time? You sometimes see this effect on DVD music videos of the likes of Eric Clapton etc, you would select something like "MX Multi Channel Video" in the DVD Menu for it.

3) Allow him to output the final version as a flash video (I think it does do this)?

Hopefully I have explained what my friend is trying achieve.

If Adobe Premiere Pro 2 will not achieve this type of video editing, what software could you recommend that would?

As regards the recommendations for video camera/camcorder to be used, nothing to expensive, but something that will give both good video and audio quality.

Any other suggestions would be most welcome.

Many thanks for your help. :)


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Thanks for your reply. :smashin:

Could also do with some suggestions for camcorders/video cameras to do this, not expensive, but with decent video/sound quality.

Many thanks. :)


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The Canon mvx460 seems quite a good one might pay to post as a seperate query with your needs ie price range, external mic etc' . Also for indepth reviews there is this site which also carries forums for individual Cams at Not that you wont get good advice here on this site. good luck


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Agree the MVX460 is better than the MV890 if you can afford the price difference (it's about twice the price). Or MVX450 which is in between in price, also has mic, and is the same as the 460 except doesn't have DV/DV in.

Chris Muriel

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As a guitar player for a few decades and , more recently, a 5-string banjo player, I would be very interested in seeing (or reviewing) the finished video.

Chris Muriel, Manchester


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Firstly, jaymac, got all my questions answered over in the Adobe Premiere Pro 2 Forum. :smashin:

Secondly, thank you to you both, jaymac and redsox_mark, for your suggestions regarding camcorders.

Thirdly, Chris Muriel, when his tutorials are finished, I will try and give a link to a demo from within this post, or if you look at:

This is his present site, and when it is completed, it will be mentioned here I would reckon. :)

If this link is not allowed, I will gladly remove it.

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