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Question Guitar speakers for music listening


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I have a 4x12 guitar cabinet that I would like to double as speakers for an audio system of sorts. I've read a bit about this idea and I can't seem to make heads or tails of it. First of all, it has become clear to me that guitar speakers have a frequency response that doesn't favor accurate music reproduction. However, I figure with enough eq, this can be fixed. I'm not looking for a perfect, audiophile-esque music listening experience, but just one that I can enjoy. I was thinking about purchasing a second 4x12 cab, mainly for the use with guitar, but would also like it if I could use them in stereo to listen to music. Ultimately, my question is this: if I were to eq the cabs to create somewhat realistic audio reproduction, would the different frequency output damage the guitar speakers?
I can't find any answers to this. Many people say it's not a good idea to play a bass guitar through guitar speakers, because they aren't made for pushing high volumes at those frequencies, but audio reproduction isn't quite the same as an actual bass guitar. I plan on listening at moderate volumes, and certainly nothing near what I play at when playing guitar. Any help would be greatly appreciated


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I very much doubt you'll do any damage, as guitar speakers are built to take abuse. The only way, I guess, would be if you were boosting the bass frequencies a lot at high volume.
On the other hand, they'll almost certainly sound terrible for music, regardless of what you do to the frequency response. Guitar speakers are designed not to sound remotely accurate, as their distortions and other inaccuracies are an important part of the final sound. It would be like using an acoustic guitar as a speaker cabinet - its design brief is exactly the opposite of what you want. I'd very strongly suggest getting a cheap pair of proper Hi-Fi speakers to use instead.


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The frequency response of most lead guitar speakers is at best 40hz to 4khz.

For example -

"Eminence Alpha-12A 12" Guitar/PA Driver" from www.parts-express.com!

"Eminence Beta-12A-II 12" Driver" from www.parts-express.com!

Also you didn't mention the size of the drivers in this cabinet - 8", 10", 12", 15", ... other. The larger the driver, generally, the deeper the bass. But the fundamental notes of a Lead Guitar are in the range of 80hz to 4000hz. That's about all you need for creating music. For a Bass Guitar the range is 40hz to 2000hz.

You can use the lead speaker for a bass guitar, but you don't get the weight and the depth, but in a pinch it can substitute. Equally the other way, if a pinch, you can use a bass speaker for a lead guitar, function but it doesn't sound quite right.

As to power, assuming you have some reasonable drivers, running stereo is not going to be a problem. Creating music is a lot more demanding than playing it back.

So the problem isn't power handling, it is frequency response, but we do the best we can with what we have.


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