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Im really sorry if this has been covered before but I am a bit stuck.

I have just bought a Fender Strat and want to start learning, age 39 and need a sensible hobby.

I bought one of the package deals that squier do with the amp, ( off auction site) all is immaculate and im very happy with it. I have a young family so only really get time on an evening to practice and getting the amp out (or leaving it out) isnt practical. Im normally quite savvy with stuff like this but im stuck, I figured I could use my laptop and (learning through yousician) to simply plug into my mic socket and my laptop would pick it up and I could play away without making a racket.

However, the laptop doesnt seem to want to do as I thought it should/could? I have one of the headphone amps you can pickup off amazon which has a gain, tone and volume dial with a headphone 3.5mm jack and an aux 3.5mm. I cant seem to get it working through yousician to hear the guitar? In the settings the mic level is at full volume in the red so ive switched the levels down completely but cant get it in the green.

Am I missing some vital lead between?
does the guitar need the amp inline?
how do other people do it?

Bit frustrated as I cant sit blasting the amp out constantly and hoped I could sit at a reason level of noise and play happily..

thanks for any help in advance



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Do some research before committing cash but I'm pretty sure the Rocksmith cable will get the signal in via USB. Then I guess you will need software like Amplitube to get sound. I used the cable with an iPad and garage band but I can't remember trying with a PC.

@Christian 71 ?


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It will work with a PC.

Having said that, I’ve got two, one is recognised by RS on my pc and one isn’t, both work on my Xbox, so I know the cables both work. I imagine it’s a game thing rather than a pc thing, so should work.

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