Guitar Hero Aerosmith - Sound quality?


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As my guitar is now "fixed" I decided to pick up a copy of GH Aerosmith for a reduced price but am finding many of the Aerosmith tracks hard to listen to in terms of picking out notes and what is actually being sung. All of the non Aerosmith tracks I have played so far seem to have good channel separation but as soon as I get onto the Aerosmith ones, everything seems to merge into a big mush of sound!

This seems strange as I would have thought that most Aerosmith tracks would lend themselves nicely to the format, being more traditional guitar based rock. It could of course be my hearing but is this something other people have found? It seems to lose the connection between what I am playing and what I am listening to somehow....

I am still enjoying it though and with a guitar that works I can finally 100% many of the songs on my first attempt (on medium that is!).

Tufty McTavish

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I have to turn the volume down when the Aerosmith tracks come on. They seem louder than the supporting tracks to me. It's rather annoying actually. Can't say I recall anything else standing out about the audio though.


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Never had an issue myself but given my hearing has been decimated by very loud rock music over the years I suspect its just my inability to notice.

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